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Банкетно меню / Banquet Menu
(Banquets up to 150 people)

Package 1 - $50.00 per person (include):

1.Combination Salad: Shopska salads, Snezanka salad, Russian salad
2. Homemade roasted peanuts
3. Cold Appetizer Plate: include Bulgarian dry sausages: Sudjuk, Lukanka, Pastarma, Fillet "Elena" and Soked Pork Neck
4. Combination Grill: chicken thighs, chicken shish kabob, kebabche pork, kufte pork served on big plates with homemade french fries
5. Dessert: Torta "Pepina"
6. Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino

Open Bar: for 4 hours (additional hour: $10.00 per hour per person)

1. Beer: All imported and American Beer in stock
2. Rakia: All Rakia’s in stock (Bulgarian Brandies)
3. Wine: All house wines in stock: Cabernet, Merlot ,Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir ….
4. Whieskey: Jonnie Walker Red, Ballantine’s, Dewar’s, Grant’s, Jameson, Jim Beam
5. Vodka: Absolut, Svedka, Smirnoff, Finlandia

Package 2 - $50.00 per person:

1. Salad Combination Plate
(shopska salad, ludogorska salad, russian salad, snejanka salad, picadilly salad)

2. Dry Sausages Combination Plate
(sudjuk, lukanka, pasturma, fillet"Elena", smoked pork neck)

3. Fish Appetizer Plate
(salmon in foil, breaded white fish, breaded lobster meat)

4. Hot Appetizer Plate
(beef tongue in butter, chicken hearts country style, chicken gizzards country style, mushrooms in butter)

5. Main Dish
(oven roasted pork, marinated chicken tighs grilled, rilled pork loin, marinated chicken breast grilled, mushroom sauce on side)

6. Hot Appetizer Served On Clay Pot (sach)
(pork tenderloin, pickles, bakon, potato saute, garlic, onions, croutons, mozzarella)

7. Chicken Served On Clay Pot (zapekanka)
(chicken breast, mushrooms, carrots, potato saute, corn, eggs, mozzarella)

8. Wine Appetizer
(fetta, mozzarella, buffalo cheese, smoked cheese)

9. Dessert
(homemade torta with honey and walnuts)

Any dinner package can include beer, wine and cocktail service...this can be accomplished in a number of ways:

1. Contracting for a pre-determined "cut-off" point at which time the existing balance or "tab" at the bar is added to the total money owed for your event then the bar reverts to each guest paying for his or her own drinks when they are ordered

2. Allowing your guests to purchase their own beverages during the event or...

3. Agreeing to purchase a particular brand or brands of alcoholic beverage at the time you book your event and making these brands available to your guests during the event.

Note: occasionally better pricing is available for alcoholic beverages that are purchased at the time you book your event, be sure to ask if your party can qualify for these savings. Pricing for any event is determined at the time you book your event.

At Avenue BG we pride ourselves on our ability to meet or exceed your expectations every time you are our guest.
Банкетно меню /
Banquet Menu
Супи / Soups Салати / Salads
Топли предястия / Hot
Студени предястия / Cold
Омлети / Omelets
Ястия от пиле / Chicken Ястия от свинско / Pork Ястия от телешко / Beef
Риба / Fish Скара / Grill Сачове / Served and
cooked on ceramic pot
Ястия в гювече / Served
and cooked in clay pot
Запеканки на керемида
Keremida - Clay plate cooking
Сандвичи, закуски,
тостери / Sandwiches
Гарнитури / Side dishes Десерти / Desserts Напитки / Drinks

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